Independent Together: Building and Maintaining Values in a Distributed web Infrastructure

Should you experience the game? Make sure your web browser allows audio to autoplay in these websites for the most accurate experience. The keyboard shortcuts are a little janky and the iOS experience leaves a lot to be desired but the reliability, collaboration, minimal interface & longevity puts it ahead of alternatives. Android and iOS systems have incredible numbers of apps (the vast majority of which are redundant clutter, mediocre gimmicks, and app versions of fully functional websites). By the 1800s, thinkers such as Carl Friedrich Gauss and Leonhard Euler included imaginary numbers in their studies. Salvation is a top-down shooter video game that I created for Global Game Jam 2014, as part of a team of five: Brian Chau, Carolyn Shen, Henry Chee, Perry Liu, and myself. These websites have been created using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, aiming to recreate their original counterparts as close as possible. What have I done well? Although rules-based question generation is particularly well suited to overgeneration of candidate questions, the overgeneration can still be used with a Sequence-to-Sequence solution. Overgenerating questions is made less feasible by the high compute-power cost of generating each question, but overgeneration followed by statistical ranking does improve the average quality of questions.

Proposed here is that the question candidates can be both generated and ranked by Artificial Neural Networks, and that overgenerating and ranking can be used to generate more appropriate questions for text comprehension exercises. Generating question candidates using a finetuned version of the GPT-2 Transformer Neural Network will allow for GPT-2’s pre-learned understanding of the English language to be taken advantage of. Cy (spaCy 2020), a natural language processing library for Python, was then used to lemmatize words, finding the base form for each word so multiple tenses and variations of each word were grouped. 2000 finetuning steps were used initially, and 카지노사이트 then 4000 steps for a second attempt. The first half of September was me working really hard to push out the firewall feature with the second half mostly devoted to things unrelated to it. FTL: Faster Than Light is a PC Indie Game first released on September 14th, 2012. It has received numerous awards including 2013’s IGF’s Best Design & Audience Award and the Game Developer’s Choice Awards Best Studio Debut. A Beta distribution turns out to be a good choice for this kind of thing. IndieWeb’s internal modularity and its repurposing of platform APIs as distribution mechanisms highlight that the Internet is not defined from the top-down, but instead “fixed in modular increments” (Star 1999, p.

Nonetheless, it is apparent that IndieWeb’s organizers are attentive to this problem. Two readers that had previously been built by members of IndieWeb’s community offered some of the features I wanted. The game features minimalistic graphics, a lame story, and visibility polygons. Another way to get through the lame phase of ambitious projects is to surround yourself with the right people — to create an eddy in the social headwind. Given ANT’s influence on Damarin’s work, her use of the term social is surprising. The purpose of this dissertation is to investigate how developers’ values shape and are shaped by this infrastructure, including how concentrations of power and influence affect individuals’ capacity to participate in design-decisions related to values. S. Schwartz (2012) asserts that “values transcend specific actions and situations” and this is “distinguishes values from norms and attitudes that usually refer to specific actions, objects, or situations” (p. The Crawl community values versatility. For better sound, the first step is to get a microphone closer to the sound source and away from unwanted noise.

The next step in this analysis was to investigate whether chat activity is predictive of specific types of GitHub activity. The code is available on github. I believe it is the OG way of learning to code. Gone was agonizing over how best to structure code or long-term maintainability. Radford, A. (2019) describes GPT-2, a powerful Transformer Neural Network trained on over 40GB of Internet data. In part this is because I viewed the early stages of my data collection as an opportunity to focus on observation, so as to develop technical fluency to better understand IndieWeb discussions and to prepare myself for conducting interviews. Since there were no in-person IndieWeb events near Toronto, attending events in-person was expensive and time-consuming and so I only attended IndieWeb Summits. The list goes on and I’m pretty proud of all of these accomplishments but there is a dark side. TAB and I’m never looking back. A fork is a copy of a repository, in which one can make changes without affecting the original. Not that I’ve written enough to make a concrete decision at this point, though.

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