Two listed companies claim to have mastered breakthrough COB technology, and the COB era is approaching at an accelerated pace

On November 7, 2017, Ledman Optoelectronics announced that it has recently developed the third-generation COB small-pitch LED display panel, and will achieve mass production and shipment in the first half of 2018. On November 13, 2017, Lehman announced the acquisition of COB patents. Lehman shares stated that the company has actively explored technological innovation since 2014, accumulated a wealth of LED packaging technology and LED display technology, and has many related patents. After combining advanced LED integrated packaging technology, LED intelligent display control technology and a series of technological breakthroughs, the COB small-pitch LED display technology has been developed. Lehman said that it will release the first COB small-pitch LED display panel product in the near future, and will continue to strengthen innovation in the field of LED packaging and LED display, and continue to launch excellent COB small-pitch LED display products.

As soon as the news came out, it was like thunder on the ground, and the industry was boiling at that time. Subsequently, BDO Runda also announced that through the resource integration of its business divisions, under the joint research and development of the device and display business divisions, it has successfully mass-produced a large viewing angle and small pitch full flip-chip RGB COB Guarui display module, P0 The extremely small pitch of .95mm combined with the shocking experience of 180° large-angle light emission has successfully overcome the technical difficulties of the current formal COB display. The progress of the full flip-chip RGB COB experiment in the research and development stage has successfully completed the P0.5 ultra-dense display module model.

COB technology has always been favored by the industry, and is considered to be the only way for LED display technology to lead to Micro LED. The industry generally believes that the traditional packaging technology of LED can only support the pitch of LED display to be close to P0.6, while Micro LED is too far away from our industry, and COB is the best choice. Although the prospect is so promising, this technology can’t get rid of the embarrassing situation of being promising but not being popular.

There are two main reasons for the low market acceptance of COB: one is that the COB technology is not mature enough, and the other is that there are no classic application cases for promotion. Technically, there are two major problems that have not been effectively solved, the low yield rate and the uneven ink color of the module. This makes it difficult to break through the bottleneck of its production capacity and cannot achieve large-scale production. In addition, there is no technology that can solve the pain point of cumbersome replacement and maintenance. In terms of promotion, since there have been no outstanding cases and products, the market acceptance is low and promotion is difficult.

In addition, the small number of participating companies is also an important reason for the difficulties of COB. Although there are companies in the industry such as Changchun Xida, Wei Qiaoshun, and Aureida that have been committed to the research and development and optimization of COB technology, and some driver IC manufacturers that have begun to design for COB displays, but for the entire industry, this The power is still too weak. In such an environment, Ledman Optoelectronics’ participation in COB is an event that marks a turning point and a weather vane, and has an unusually strong role in promoting COB. Because the significance of Ledman Optoelectronics’ participation is by no means an additional COB participant with strong capital and technical strength, but an additional packaging company that has transformed from traditional packaging to COB technology. The same goes for Dehao Runda.

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